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  • Do you have questions about our course curriculum, need to register for a class or simply want to speak to one of our training professionals? Contact our training team today and we’ll be happy to help. See our full training schedule below.

    General Information: 1-877-298-6511 
  • Paul Smielecki - Manager: 716-689-5496 or

  • Tom Reardon - Trainer: 704-994-6212 or

  • Perry Bishop - Trainer: 731-968-5271 or

  • Henry Brozyna - Trainer: 716-689-5621 or
  • Dave Carmack - CM-Entertainment Training: 276-475-3124 (ext. 1287) or

  • Jessie Jones - Credit card issues, invoices and billing: 704-694-2156 (ext. 5524) or


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Training Master Schedule
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Training Master Schedule
See a full list of all of Columbus McKinnon's training classes for 2015, including hoist, rigging, overhead crane and load securement training.